Amazing Artworks by Surej Kumar

lord perumal handmade clay modelling photo
Lord Perumal- Handmade Clay Modelling with Terracotta

Surej Kumar- One of the most talented artists from Thiruvalla in India. A self-taught artist who found his soul in the artworks and paintings. A genius of innovative techniques who made his name in the crowd.

He makes paintings and artworks with realistic effects using layering of paints, attention to detail, impressive expression and gesture. He made various masterpieces that are purely represented as a blend of canvas and artistry.

Surej Kumar’s vision inspired him to grow out of his shell, and he is distinguished by a unique ability to take his moment in time and making his work timeless.

His style of work in the paintings and artwork influences people that covers subjects for example culture, technology, social customs, spirituality, and nature, etc.

Surej Kumar is the man behind the various magnificent paintings and artworks. His Signature paintings are ‘Recreated Ancient Egyptian’ paintings, ‘Zen’ paintings, Coffee paintings, and Realistic Pencil Arts.

He is truly the rising star from Thiruvalla in India. His artworks connect with people at a deeper level. Mughal Emperor Akbar with Parrot, Ganesha Symbolic Art, Bhairavi Kolam, Hanuman the Amar, Ancient Egypt Series, Krishna Love, etc. are the wonderful artworks and beautiful paintings he created.

He is the recipient of India Star Awards 2019 for painting. Explore more about his artworks and paintings on the SUREJ arts Facebook page.

1. Lord Sree Padmanabhaswamy- Adi Shesha Anantha Shayana

Surej Kumar created his dream painting on chart- Lord Sree Padmanabhaswamy Adi Shesha Anantha Shayana.

Painting Size- Width: 13 Feet and Height: 8 Feet

2. King Tutankhamun’s Chariot: Ferrari of Ancient Egypt

3. War Machine Model

War Machine Model created from plastic waste and painted Terrain

4. Sree Padmanabhaswamy Coffee Painting

5. Experimental Art: A Man with Light Series

Experimental Art: A Man with Light Series (Pencil on Paper).

On Left Side- A man who conquers mountains.

On Right Side- A man who loves music.

6. Buddha Paintings

On Left Side- Buddha Consciousness Painting. On Right Side- Tiny Buddha Painting

7. Mandala Spot Art- Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple

Mandala Spot Art: Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple-  Vancheesa Vandanam

8. Ancient Egypt Series

Ancient Egypt Series Paintings (Pencil on Paper)

Left Side- Ramses II with Osiris and Goddess Hathor (Seti 1, The Priest and Hathor )

Right Side- Tutankhamun, the All-seeing Horus Eye and the Lunar Times of Reincarnation and Death


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