Shibin George Philip- Singer, Music Composer and Lyricist

shibin george philip from thiruvalla

Shibin George Philip- The Singer, Lyricist, and Music Composer, in an exclusive interaction with Humans of Thiruvalla’s Editor, talks about the overwhelming success of music album ‘Ithramaam Sneham’, his journey in the music and plans ahead.

He is the founder of Shibin George Music Production based in Thiruvalla in India.

Shibin George Philip is a winner of the Young Achiever Award and a cricketer who played at the zonal level from the Under-16 Pathanamthitta Team.

Q: Do you have any formal training in music?

Everything I learned by myself observing and enjoying others’ performances, watching YouTube videos, and reading about some amazing work. Above all, I had a close watch on what people really like about a piece of music and particularly in live performances. That’s all.

Q: Who is Shibin George Philip- Singer, Lyricist, or Music Composer?

I don’t want to bound myself in a tag because something new comes when you are free in your thoughts. My people can call me whatever they like but I always give 100% in everything. If you like my lyrics in a song, you can call me lyricist, or music then call me a music composer. It’s up to the listener or audience what they like.

Q: When did you start singing, composing, or writing?

In my childhood, I used to sing but behind the closed door, I was very shy to sing in the public. I knew that there is music inside me and it took a long time to bring out. Officially I started singing in stage shows, wedding choirs, and funerals, etc when I was in 11th standard.

Q: Who is your inspiration?

My great mother. She is a very good singer and won so many awards in the singing. When I used to sing in childhood my mother used to say that you got my voice and talent, because of that motivation I am reached where I am today.

Q: Your first performance?

Oh! It was a great show. That was devotional, people liked and appreciated my singing very well. Again lots of struggle to get the first break. For the band, the first show was a wedding reception.

Q: What kind of music do you create?

Basically, I started with devotional music but now I do secular music too. Devotional music helped a lot to gain the platform.

Q: What types of challenges did you face in your journey?

Yes! there are many, I still remember that it was very difficult to approach people for the new assignment. They used to ask about my past music experience and doubted my talent and skills.

Literally, I was knocking doors to get the work and didn’t have any financial support to grow. Finally, everything favored because I believed in myself. 

Q: How many music and songs have you composed, written, and sang?

Telling exact numbers are very tough but overall three hundred plus Music Composed, two hundred fifty plus Lyrics written and three thousand plus Songs I have sung if I am not wrong. It all happened by the Grace of God.

Q: Tell us about your hit album ‘Ithremam Sneham’?

Since long we were waiting for the right time to release this but nothing favored. I wrote the lyrics long back for this. Every time Me, Kevin (Guitarist), and Jibin used to sit together we only discussed to release this as soon possible.

But then our church Bethanya Prayer Garden, Mavelikara and it’s pastor Sajan Mathew encouraged us to do the album and we just went ahead.

Ithremam Sneham‘ released featuring Emmanuel K.B, one of the leading faces in the devotional songs and filmed at Muttara Hills, Kottarakkara in Kollam.

People loved it and showed their support incredibly. We got appreciations from lots of artists including Lordson Antony and Samuel Wilson etc.

I am so happy that we succeeded to make a connection with people through our music. When they really talk about your work that means you did something special. It gives you the inspiration to do more, that’s the beauty of the music.

Q: Tell us about your music band?

In 2012, we formed a music band but didn’t get any work because at that time having a music band was a very common thing.

After 2-3 shows we got the reach and acceptance. People started calling and after that no looking back. Today we have thirty-plus members in our band.

We do all kinds of musical shows be it college fest, engagement & wedding ceremony, birthday parties, baptism, funeral, sangeet, etc.

We performed at so many places including M.G.M School and S.C.S school in Thiruvalla.

Q: What about your academics?

I am an Aeronautical Engineer, graduated from Shree Devi Institute of Technology, Mangalore, and was working with Gulf Air.

Q: What do you do apart from Music?

 I do write scripts for short films, it’s another interest area where I want to learn more about script writing and film direction in the future.

Q: What is music for Shibin George Philip?

Music is a passion for me, I live music every day. It’s my happy place where I feel alive. Simply I belong to the music. 

Q: How do you prepare yourself before creating anything?

Nothing special, just live the moment. There is so much in our day to day life, in our journeys, communication with others, books, visuals, or even a single word, you will find the inspiration to connect the dots. There you go.

Q: What about commercialism dominating in the creativity?

I am always in favor of creative freedom because if your music doesn’t have life, money can’t inject that music into people’s minds to stay forever.

Your work carries your legacy, not money. End of the day your creativity is your real asset. But yes, there is a need of the hour to put the flavor.

As long as my concern I don’t want to compromise in my music. There are times when sponsors asked us to change the music or lyrics but we said sorry.

Q: What is your future plan?

Looking forward to working with some well-known music labels soon. I wish my music or lyrics connect with their emotions whoever listens to it.


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