Amazing Drive by Thiruvalla Boys

thiruvalla boys Joe Jacob, Josin Baby, Vinu Kurian Jacob

A journey of ‘Thiruvalla Boyswhich started from Leh in Ladakh that reached into the Limca Book of Records as National Record with utmost pride.

The ‘Thiruvalla Boys’ aka three brothers Joe Jacob, Josin Baby, and Vinu Kurian Jacob completed the fastest North-South India four-wheeler expedition with the national record.

In an exclusive chat with Humans of Thiruvalla’s editor, Joe Jacob talked about their record-breaking journey.

Q: How the idea came about this journey?

We love going on trips in our cars and we used to talk about going on a long tour. But real inspiration came when we saw Suresh Joseph Sir’s records, we thought let’s go for a dream drive and make it large with our record.

Q: When the record-breaking journey started and finished?

We started on October 5th, 2014 at 11:08 am from Leh in Ladakh and completed in Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu on October 7th, 2014 at 4:06 pm.

Our journey flagged off by the officers at the Defence Institute of High Altitude Research (DIHAR).

Honda Amaze car was our companion in this unforgettable journey and we covered 3,888 km in 52 Hr 58 Min. It’s the new record.

Q: Why did you choose Leh to Kanyakumari route only?

Manali-Ladakh was our dream route so we thought to include in our journey.

Q: What was the route map?

Our official route was approved by the Limca Book of Records and we had to take attestations from these points. At first and last point attestations did by Gazetted Officer.

Leh- Upshi- Pang- (Ladakh)- Sarchu- Jispa- Manali- Bilaspur- (Himachal Pradesh)- Chandigarh- (Chandigarh)- Ambala- Panipat- (Haryana)- Delhi (NCT)- Agra- (Uttar Pradesh)- Gwalior- Jhansi- Lalitpur- Sagar- Narsinghpur- Seoni- (Madhya Pradesh)- Nagpur- (Maharashtra)- Adilabad- Hyderabad- Kurnool- Anantapur- (Andhra Pradesh)- Bangalore- (Karnataka)- Dharmapuri- Salem- Dindigul- Madurai- Tirunelveli- Kanyakumari- (Tamil Nadu).

Q:  Who supported for this journey?

Our parents, family members, friends, Hankook Tyres, and Vision Honda, Kottayam.

Limca Book of Records Certificate
Limca Book of Records Certificate

Q: What kind of challenges faced in the journey?

Traveling on unknown routes are always challenging. There were some health and technical issues. Coping up with climate change at different places was very critical but we overcame the situations.

Above all, you need to prepare in your mind to face any kind of obstacle before starting the journey and we all did that.

Q: What is the most memorable moment?

Yes, there is. We saved one precious life by giving Oxygen. It’s our total happiness. We were carrying Oxygen cylinders because there is a low level of atmospheric oxygen in the Manali-Ladakh stretch.

Q: What motivated ‘Thiruvalla Boys’ to continue every day on the journey?

Our passion for traveling, cars, and driving. That’s it.

Q: Which is your favorite place from the journey?

Ladakh and Himachal Pradesh

Q: The most difficult part of your journey?

465 km Manali-Ladakh stretch was a very tough route. These roads will test you, scare you and leave you spellbound.

Pushing ourselves harder than we ever thought and became our superhero was something very special in this journey.

Q: What about your food and other essentials?

We carried dry fruits, glucose, chocolates, dates, water bottles, emergency medications. We couldn’t have a break for anything because the clock was ticking.

Q: Any personality whom you met on the journey?

Yes. Before and after the journey we met Suresh Joseph Sir who is having many records for driving solo across India and International.

He was our main motivator, gave us much valuable information and pieces of advice for this marathon journey. 

Q: How’s the experience to explore India in this way?

We enjoyed the journey fullest and were able to set the new record by the grace of God. It was a journey that made us fall in love with road trips.

Q: First thought came in mind when you reached the destination?

Don’t Give Up in Life.

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