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Author and Poet Litty Lokanath

Litty Lokanath– An award-winning poet, professor, artist, lyricist, motivator, philosopher, and a writer whose book was selected as one of the best poetry collections in an International E-Literature Festival 2018.

Over 3000+ English Poems, 3 Malayalam Novels, an English NovelDeluge in God’s Own Country‘, and 100+ songs written about Sri Krishna are in her credit.

A Thiruvalla born author wrote her first poem ‘WINGS OF PANGS’ about the Former President of India Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam, after she was moved by his sudden demise.

Litty Lokanath earned B.Sc. Chemistry from N. S. S. Hindu College, Changanacherry, Kottayam, B.Ed. in Physical Science and M. A. Literature from Milad-E-Sherif Memorial (MSM) College, Kayamkulam, Alappuzha. Currently, she is working as Assistant Professor in English.

A daughter of a Film Editor and a fan of Paulo Coelho & Kamala Das, Litty Lokanath creates amazing paintings with her husband and experiments in Clay Art with her son, she also does craftworks and content creation on YouTube.

“Everyone and everything that comes in my life inspire me,  and my family, home, students, and above all unseen presence of Guruvayurappan in many forms and shapes are the real motivation to write. My wonderful mother makes me alive to connect things that are relatable to millions of hearts. I love poems more because I can express every thought easily as poems,” shares Litty Lokanath.

The Small Finger of Him

The Small Finger of Him- poems book by Litty Lokanath

The Small Finger of Him’ is the first book of Litty Lokanath published in 2017 by Virgin Leaf Books, Mumbai, and launched by the famous poet & lyricist P. K. Gopi and his daughter Arya Gopi  (Writer) in the presence of Raghavan Atholi (Writer), K. Ajitha (Social Activist), Kamal Varadoor (Journalist) at Kozhikode Town Hall in December 2018.

The book is a collection of poems written about nature, parents, God, society, woman, child, home, friendship, soul, farmers, soldiers, life, Krishna, gratitude, fear, and many more.

One can feel the real blend of love, wisdom, and prayers by reading these amazing and sparking poems in the book.

The book received the seal of promotion of ‘Finalist’ of the best poetry from the e-book at E-Festival of Words organized by Bards and Sages.

To Get Your Copy Click Here-The Small Finger of Him

List of Books


S.No.Book TitleS.No.Book Title
1Mahabharat35Tasty Revolution
2Jai Hind36College days
3Wine37The Fragrance of Love
6Roar40Kaleidoscope- The Journey of Colors
8Sikkim tales42Thumbapoov
10Bleeding44Flower Carpet
12Out of Cage46Mist of Meadows: The Poet
17Musk Rose51Army Poems
18Blue bell52Mist of Meadows: Life is beautiful
19Bougain villea53Bibatsyam
20Marigold54Anu Bomb (Malayalam)
23Lolipop Lolipop57Raudram
27Souldier61Mist of Meadows- An Anthology of Poems
28Ravam62The Baloon Boy
29Grass Hopper63Sixth Sense
30Ooty Holidays64Freedom
31Monsoon memories65Cock Tail
32Back Benchers66Mahabharat
34Cooing Poems68We

Short Stories-

  1. So….True
  2. Incredible Minds
  3. She and Her Journey of Love
  4. The Teacher
  5. Veendum Bodhodayam (Malayalam)


  1. Deluge in God’s Own Country (English)
  2. Ente Koottukar (Malayalam)
  3. Oru Private School Teachrinte Aathmahathya (Malayalam)
  4. Oru B.ed. Jeevitham (Malayalam)

“My books are a salute for motherhood, tribute to fathers, tears of poor, celebration of youth, a pride for womanhood, a devotion of Nature, a panorama of animals. With my Royalty and knowledge, I want to motivate, give guidance and assistance to financially poor people. It’s my dream.” tells Litty Lokanath

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