Saira Anna Koshy- The Woman in Command at Sairas Kitchen

Saira Anna Koshy from Sairas Kitchen in Thiruvalla Kerala

Saira Anna Koshy -An engineer turned self-taught baker is making it big with home-baked delicious food from Thiruvalla in India.

They say passion is what makes a person live and this rings true in Saira’s life. With her bakery business ‘Sairas Kitchen- Taste the Tastiest’, she has created the big buzz in Kerala.

An alumnus of Christ Central School, Thiruvalla, Saira is a B.E in Computer Science with distinction.

She earned the tag of ‘System Engineer‘ from a Chennai based company that recruited her via college placement cell but the company didn’t follow-up with the offer and Saira moved ahead with a designation to advance her knowledge in IT with some online programs.

After some unremarkable months, she landed in her first job in Kochi. There was a new job offer reached in her mail after working more than a year and she was ready to join but the nationwide lockdown in the COVID-19 pandemic took away the opportunity.

The Turning Point

“My three interests are reading, cooking, and traveling. Since traveling was out of the question in the lockdown I devoted my energy to the remaining two, reading and cooking. I started baking and simultaneously posted pictures on my Instagram account. People liked my posts and asked if those were for sale. That was a wake-up call for me.” proudly says Saira.

Saira always fascinated by the spicy, sweet, Italian, Indian, and amazing variations of food. The vintage cafes, famous restaurants, and food joints appealed her to find the time from her busy schedule and fall in love with cuisines while working in Kochi. Exploring places for food made Saira delighted and surprised to write a new story in her life with the love of food.   

A fan of English, Hindi, Korean and Malayalam movies, Saira counts ‘You Can Win’ by Shiv Khera in her favorite book and Paulo Coelho as the best author whom she relates to the most.

The Road to Entrepreneurship

“When I was in 9th grade my teacher asked about my ambition and I casually said I wanted to be an Entrepreneur. Amused by my answer she specifically asked me what is the business that I intended on starting. Well, all I knew was that I wanted people to know me for what I do and be my boss. So even as a child, I dreamt about being a businesswoman.” recalls Saira Anna Koshy.

In 10th Std. learning her first cooking lesson from the teacher, Saira attended the Chef Sajna’s baking class after the graduation which sparked the light in her.

“All these years I yearned to start my own business and now I got the chance I couldn’t say no to it. I didn’t want to regret later on that I didn’t take the chance when I was provided with an opportunity. I delivered my first order which wasn’t quite professional with the packing and all. People appreciated my passion and more importantly, they loved the delivered food. Every single feedback from my customer has made me a better baker.“ Saira counts.

Sairas Kitchen- ‘Taste the Tastiest’

From Sairas Kitchen, you will get the unique taste, mouth-watering food without preservatives, curated with extra love delivered to your home. You may order anything from chocolate cookies, crispy & delicious oatmeal raisin cookies, carrot & dates cake, marble cake, customized birthday cakes, frosted cupcakes, cinnamon rolls, cheese burst pizza, normal crust pizza, bread, and buns.

Cupcakes and Pizzas are in high demand from the Sairas Kitchen, every day orders are crossing the production limit of the kitchen but each order is adding more love in Sairas Kitchen. Sairas Kitchen delivers in and around Thiruvalla, Pathanamthitta, Edathua, Changanassery, Chengannur, and Kottayam as for now.

fresh, healthy and homemade bakery items at Sairas Kitchen in Thiruvalla
Images Source: Sairas Kitchen Instagram Profile

Each day hundreds of messages are pouring in from across Kerala to taste the food from Sairas Kitchen, it shows that word of mouth, top-quality ingredients, great food, and positive reviews are making Sairas Kitchen the talk of the town. 

To get a taste of Sairas Kitchen, follow on Instagram: SAIRAS KITCHEN

“Some of my customers who are doctors have mentioned that they were looking for a place like Sairas Kitchen from where they can order fresh homemade delicious food with high-quality ingredients that are safe and healthy to eat. I ask my customers that whenever possible, to pre-order 2 days in advance and each one of them is very supportive,” says Saira.

Future Plans

“I have a dream to earn an MBA to grow my business, hone my entrepreneurial, and management skills. Looking forward to shifting to a bigger space where I can take on all the orders that I receive each day and can serve lip-smacking cuisines to the food lovers,” adds Saira.

“I am so happy and feel proud about myself because it’s probably the first time in my life I’m getting such warm responses and attention from people regarding something I am so passionate about. I went through hard times after my engineering which made me depressed, irritated, and frustrated. My journey was unpredictable but just a word won’t do justice to what I experienced. Finally, I can’t explain the feeling I experience following my passion. I thank my family, friends, and customers who are supporting me in this journey.” concludes Saira Anna Koshy.


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