Advocate Elizabeth Mammen Mathai- Former M.L.A of Thiruvalla


History has stood witness to the brilliance of women in politics, time and again. From Lakshmi N Menon, Accamma Cherian, K. R. Gowri Amma to Ramya Haridas, women across Kerala have often held the political scepter firmly in their hands whenever needed. Their schemes and political traits have been appreciated by many and criticized by many more. However, their contribution to the development of the state can never be overlooked.

Advocate Elizabeth Mammen Mathai is a leader full of grit, courage, and determination who worked for people with her persona without any prior experience of working in a political party.

English literature and an LLB graduate Advocate Elizabeth Mammen Mathai was introduced to active politics as a Member of Peringara Grama Panchayat by Kerala Congress (M) Political party.

She was elected to the 11th Kerala Legislative Assembly from Thiruvalla Constituency in a bye-election conducted in December 2003 as Kerala Congress (M) candidate due to the sudden death of her husband and then M.L.A Advocate Mammen Mathai who was the most admired and loved people’s leader. Advocate Mammen Mathai served as the M.L.A of Thiruvalla thrice in the  Kerala Legislative Assembly from Kerala Congress (M) party.

A calm and quiet woman who stood up and led from the front by creating her narrative both in the profession and politics, Advocate Elizabeth Mammen Mathai is a leader for the people who have implemented numerous projects for Thiruvalla including traffic signal light at S.C.S Junction, Manipuzha Bridge, etc.

In an exclusive episode of ‘THIS IS MY LIFE’ Show, an outstanding law professional and charismatic leader Advocate Elizabeth Mammen Mathai talks about her timeless life-changing experiences like choosing Law as a career, to contest bye-election, balancing political, professional, and personal life, the role of a digital media in the politics, how politics changed over the years and dreams for Thiruvalla.

Let’s watch to know more about a leader who bounced back from every challenge to work on her dreams and vision to make them a reality, and how her charisma and connection to people enabled her to achieve this.



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